Include Sports Practitioner and Spinal Care expert, Jason Gilbert, on your next program

Inspiring keynote speaker for your next event

Are you looking for an engaging and motivating speaker for your next conference, workshop, retreat or event? Look no further than Jason! He is a passionate Sports Practitioner with a deep knowledge on spinal function and the prevention of backpain. He is also a dedicated functional health coach who helps guide people back to not only feeling, but also functioning, at their best.

Jason’s passion for spinal care and well-being is evident in everything that he does, and audiences will appreciate his dynamic speaking style and wealth of knowledge.
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A Passionate Speaker That Boosts Attendance

  • professional speaker with 30 years of experience speaking on an array of topics related to spinal health and general well-being.
  • 20 years of global media experience in public speaking appearances. He is proficient in three languages and has spoken professionally in countries all over the world. English. Portuguese. Spanish.
  • Traction 15,000+ social shares. 1 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter in the last six months.
  • Has been interviewed on television extensively over the last 20 years in all three languages. Hosted a program exclusively dedicated to health, “Saude Emotional”, on Fox Brazil for three years.
  • Jason’s presentations are perfect for events of any size.

Jason has over 20 years of experience in speaking at a range of staff events including WHS training days and toolbox talks. He can also be booked to mark important days on the workplace calendar including National Road Safety Week, RU OK? Day, Safe Work Month, and World Spine Day.

Jason can fashion his presentation into a fast-moving half-day program or a full weekend intensive that is relevant to your audience as well as to your entire team.


I have presented at hundreds of conferences, corporate events, team building meetings and on TV. Here are some of the topics I have keynotes on:

The Secrets to a Healthy Spine

A User’s Guide to Overcoming Back Pain 

Novel Strategies for Bone & Muscle Preservation in Aging Populations

Real-world interventions that include novel nutritional compounds and unique physical practices

How Daily Routines Increase Our Happniess

Daily Routine for Good Health and More Energy

Biohacking & Biomechanics

How to optimise your mind, body and spirit

Healthy Remote Workplaces

Remote Working and Developing Spine-Healthy Habits

Back in Shape

How to Avoid Spinal Surgery

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Jason can also customize a talk to your specific audience.  His subject matter knowledge includes:


  • Surfing – running – playing – What we can learn from athletes
  • Surfer’s back and neck – how to get back into the water pain free
  • Longevity and anti-aging hacks
  • Natural and nutritional supplements
  • Biohacking tactics and technologies
  • Individualisation of biochemical parameters, self-quantification, and individualizing exercise, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies for all shapes
  • Repairing the gut, improving digestion, and maintaining a healthy microbiome
  • The ins and outs of ketosis and low-carbohydrate diets
  • Hormones, sexual health, and vitality
  • Increasing endurance performance
  • Finding excitement and fulfillment in life’s journey
  • Parenting and teaching your children to be strong, resilient individual is an ongoing challenge
  • Increased productivity and time-hacking
  • How to Create the Ideal Healthy Workplace, Home, and Everyday Environments