If you are keen to explore how emotional, chemical and physical factors in your life are affecting your back, I recommend you do one of my 3 self-assessments. In these questionnaires, you will answer a string of questions to identify which factors in your life might influence your back pain.

These self-assessment tools will help you to pinpoint the root cause of your pain and symptoms. It will then be easier to read through the book or do my courses and will allow you to further research potential causes.

Even if you are tempted to uncover the cause of your problems quickly, please resist doing so, as you will get a limited understanding of your very unique situation and all of the other possible factors influencing you. Pain and other symptoms are generally caused by multiple factors, especially when the problems are chronic (long-standing).

The following questionnaires will help you determine whether your problem is predominantly of a PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL or EMOTIONAL nature. More than likely, if you are suffering pain and/or other obvious symptoms, the causes will be multi-factorial.

We live in a modern world. One that is very different to the world that existed when the genetic make-up of out body was determined. It is extremely difficult to avoid the negative physical influences that our modern sedentary lifestyle promotes.

At the same time, it is equally as difficult to avoid the normal falls, accidents, slips and tumbles that humans have experienced since the dawn of time.

We now have thousands of chemicals that didn’t exist as recently as a hundred years ago, foods and components of foods that are nothing like the nutrition that we were innately congruent with hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Lastly, the stress that was once useful in defending ourselves from a dinosaur or to escape being eaten, has now turned chronic and continuous.

Our sleep, moods, sensitivity to pain and so much more is detrimentally affected by these factors, principally because they are pro-inflammatory.

This means that the inflammation traditionally caused by our day-to-day lives is now being frighteningly exacerbated by these other, more modern factors of life. These questions serve to give you a general idea of where your inflammation and spinal problems may be coming from.

Please note, your answers and results are confidential, after completing the checklist you can print your results for your records or to give to your GP.


Are Chemical Factors Contributing to Your Back Pain?


Are Emotional Factors Contributing to Your Back Pain?


Are Physical Factors Contributing to Your Back Pain?