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As strange as this may seem, back pain may be stimulated by certain dietary habits. Many pathologies and resultant unpleasant symptoms that our body suffers originate from the toxins in our food or excessive sugar intake, and so too can back pain. Many pharmaceutical drugs can cause back pain and muscle tightness and this fact is usually noted in the list of side effects that comes with the purchase of any medication.

As 80% of our muscle’s composition is water, inadequate hydration will understandably affect the way that the muscle functions and therefore increase the possibility of causing pain and other muscle related problems. Our body needs a sufficient amount of nutrients to be able to function correctly and will start to lose the health of any tissue if exposed to an excess of toxins.
Any factor that affects the nutrition of the muscle can result in back pain, as resultant inflammation can comping with the inflammation caused in tissues suffering from biomechanical compromise.

Many people have asymptomatic structural problems for years until their internal bodily environment reaches a point where chemical factors start to compromise the original structural problem even further. For these people, true correction of their problem and consequent relief from suffering will only be encountered when both structural and chemical causes have been corrected.

Questionnaire - Chemical Causes of Pain

Self-Assessment: Are Chemical Factors Contributing to Your Back Pain?

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