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Surf stronger than ever, pain free

The above photo was taken six months after spinal surgery. In those six months I had rebuilt my back to be stronger than it had ever been.

About the Strong Back Mini Course For Surfers

As surfers, one of our greatest fears is being limited or restricted in our ability to practice our favourite sport. Surfing provides both physical and emotional well-being, so anything that threatens that should be identified and corrected well before it actually manifests. We use our spine every day, but we don’t really think about how important it is – until something goes wrong. The spine is quite literally the backbone of our body. It protects the critical parts of our nervous system, the spinal-cord and nerve roots. And without a healthy spine your surfing will invariably be negatively affected.

Many surfers are temporarily or permanently out of the water due to avoidable backpain. This backpain stems from spinal dysfunction that predominantly occurs due to the incorrect execution of day-to-day tasks and postures.

Simply understanding how to perform these routine tasks is a great investment in not only the longevity of your spine but also the longevity of your surfing life.

sepia photo of a surfer maneuvering in the air over a wave

Tight Low Back?

As a surfer you may relate to a chronically tight low back or painful – limited movement in your neck. Because the pain may be exacerbated when you are surfing it is understandable that many surfers relate it to the actual act of surfing and understand that avoiding surfing is the solution. It’s actually not in most cases.

Focus on the root cause

Muscle problems and bio-mechanical dysfunction caused by such simple actions of sitting, sleeping, lifting and more are what frequently challenge spinal function. This then is exacerbated when we are surfing. Too many surfers sadly avoid surfing when in actual fact all they need to do is focus on the root cause of the problem.

sepia photo of a surfer maneuvering in the air over a wave
front shot of a surfer coming through a barrell

Mini Course

If you’re looking for relief, my mini-course for surfers may be just what you need. I developed this mini-course  with a burning desire to help surfers manage their back pain. The course offers practical advice on everything from posture to stretching to strengthening exercises. Did you know that the course goes hand in hand with the book published recently and I  recommend you order it as a reference for your course work.

Not only do I focus on the physical aspects of back health. I also help surfers understand the emotional and mental impact that living with chronic pain can have.

Course Content

Stronger back for surfers (who are not in pain)
Why you should invest in spinal care as a surfer
Sitting at the desk
Prolonged posture
Post Surf
On the Tools
What To Do In A Neck Pain Crisis
Ab Work
Tips on how to avoid injury whilst surfing
Low Back Stretching Exercises
Getting to your feet – Improving your “pop up”
Surfers Spine Stability Routine
Mindfulness for Surfers
Your surfing life after 40
How long until I can go back into the water?
Sneak Peak Receipe Packs

The numbers speak for themselves


Are limited by daily pain


Also suffer mental health issues

Spent on healthcare treatments annually

I had back injuries and have recovered from them and my spinal care program has gone through the roof. I feel healthier than ever thanks to the information Jason has passed on.

Owen Wright

Professional Surfer

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